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The Ultimate Loser

Yeah the title says it all.Is being not being calculative a virtue or a negative attritude?I really do not know.Some people take advantage of you fully when they know you are not calculative.They expliot you to the fullest knowing this is your weakness.I have a soft heart and I really hate to see people in misery so I help them out of kindness.I do not expect anything in return.However in the end,it all turn bad.I guess I am a person who care about other’s well being other than my own.Many a times,I would rather trouble myself than to trouble others just to get things done and what did I get in return Nothing…I was real sick and running a temperature and in my bed,at this kind of time,I expect my loved one to be by my side nursing me back to health.No I didn’t get that,she was out having all the fun she could with ”Chicken” and the gang.That didn’t matter to me,I knew that will happen becos I am together with a party girl,I chose to go this way and I am prepared for all this that will happen.Many a times we have fights and arguements that are real dumb and stupid,when I tell the truth I get it,then might as well I lie.I really hate lying especially to a partner,if that is the way to avoid a confrontation or arguement,I would rather lie.I had given in too much and let others think I am a pussy.At the end of the day,I know I am not,I just do not want any unneccsary trouble.



I hate clubbing I have grown out of it.I did it so much in my younger days till I am sick and tired.I am some what being force to accompany my girlfriend to had a night of fun at D8.It is noisy,rowdy and I detest it.I would rather be at home watching TV and enjoying a peaceful and quiet evening.Morever the music sucks,all that hip hop gaga bullshit music,it would not be so bad if they are playing some good trance.What choice do i have?I have no power to make decisions,she calls the shots,when she says march I got to march.what choice do I have?

This time round I admit I am facing the biggest challenge of my life,in 32 years of my life I had not met a woman I couldn’t smoke with friction.I have truly met my match and apparently I am dealing with a woman who has convince me that she has wits that far surpass me.27 years of age,she has not been in employment in the last 10 years and able to live a high and dry lifestyle.In the beginning,I thought she was just a leech then I slowly dig in and got all the information I wanted both indirectly and directly.What was I doing where I was 27?Yeah I was working my ass off that is for sure.I would be in serious trouble if I even stop working for 3 months,there are bills to be paid,living expenses this and that.However that is not the case for her,10 years she has not been working and just enjoying her life doing nothing.In terms of academic achievements and career,I beat her flat.Several times I have to ask myself recently ”Am I being smoked by her friction or fact?”The truth is I have been smoked by her once or twice.Besides wits she definitely deserves a nomination for an oscar,she is very good at playing dead and looking harmless in fact she might have  a couple of tricks in her bag.Even my folks are smoked  big time by her,we both enjoy a few things common like using swear words in normal conversation just for the fun of it.I never ever try to hide this to other people.Well she manage to do this in front of ”important people”,making others convince she was a harmless goodie 2 shoes,in actual fact she is quite a monster when it comes to swear words and her vocab probably has more than mine.I confess to her ”Don’t pretend to look like a pig when you are planning to swallow the tiger.” it makes some sense as she is born in the year of the pig.People think that pigs are harmless but a pig that can devour a tiger is not.Hang out with this pig and she will make you do her bidding.Whatever it is,we are prepared to go the long way and she is good at doing housework,very fast and efficient.This is one thing which I really like about her,her money management is even better and now she does all my accounts.I would rather she do something good with her wits and help share our future if there is one.You really can’t complain when you have a woman of such qualities beside you.

Last Lessson at IMBM

Yup that is it,the last lesson of the eight subjects.Next week,I will have to seat for a Chartering and Brokering paper.This subject is going to be a tough nut to crack.It focus mainly on voyage and time charters of sea vessels,responsibilities of owners and charterers in different types of charter.There are a number of formulas to calculate laytime,time allow for vessel to berth,resupply and load.If there is any delays,there might be penalties payable either from owner to charterers,depending on the degree of fault.The maritime law is govern by a set of rules mainly the UK law which we call Hague Visby rules,however vessels bound for USA is bound by other clauses as the states have not verify the Hague Visby rules.That is quite a pain in the especially when I was never good with number and memorizing large amounts of data.Well like it or not,there is no turning back,I just have to do my best and hopes everything turns out fine.

Captain Savio

I came across Captain Savio’s profile I am just doing a search for fun.My dear Captain Savio comes from Goa India is of portugese ancestry is a full time lecturer in the maritime academy in Singapore Polytechnic,did his Masters in NTU Maritime academy as well as an ex master class mariner and does part time teaching in the evening at my insitution.He is well qualified or should I say over qualified to teach a bunch of clowns like my class.I remember he was the lst lecturer I had when I begin my course of Maritime studies.The module was Maritime Transporation.I always love him because he was a Sea farer in his younger days and have many interesting stories to share about his experiences during his days at sea.Looking at his credentials,anyone would have thought he should be in his 40s by now.No man,he is only 34,2 years senior than me oh my god,I can’t believe it.I am ashamed of myself,I have achieve nothing to boost about till now.Now I am at the last module of my course and Captain Savio had to cross paths with us teaching us Chartering.The class calls him Captain Sabo because all of us screw up big time for our Maritime Transportation paper.He mislead us totally during the revision lesson, a very important lesson in each module because lecturers alway tend to give away tips for the coming exams.In this paper there is a 30 point case study focusing on channels and canals of maritime routes.Apparently he was telling us the Suez canal,Rhine inland river network,Panama canal and straits of Malacca is important.It is natural for us as students to ignore the pile of junk in the text and just concentrate on those he mention.Came to examination and we flip to the last page where the case study was.It reads ”Iran declare war with US and the Iran Navy is blocking off the straits of hormus.”Describe in your own words what will happen.I was think what the fuck man,straits of hormus,Savio didn’t mention a shit about this?I guess the rest of the class felt the same,we had been taken for a ride by Savio.In fact the straits of hormus is an important channel at the gulf where accounts for the crude oil we need.More than 70% of the world’s consumption of fuel is coming out from that channel.If Iran blocks it off,it is going to be a disaster ,anyway we didn’t know anything about this hormus thingy until after the exam paper and we search through our text.Since that day onwards we call him Captain Sabo.In general he was a good lecturer sharing his knowledge and experiences on found in text books and to think that he is not that freaking old afterall.My respect for him deepens that at his age he has indeed achieve a lot.

Is Tiesto Good or Just Shit

He is shit to me….No matter how popular he is

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This is one of my favourite thai songs,hell of an emo,thats what I like about it 

YouTube – Prik Thai – Ruk Sam Sao (Eng Subs)