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3 days ago,I did an event for Citibank wealth management department.It was an informal get together dinner event.The venue is the multi purpose hall @ Tampines Community Club,it definitely is a shocker to me.Throughout my years in the events industry,this is the 1st time I heard of  bank holding their event @ a community club.It seems more like a Malay wedding than a Citibank event to me.So SOP we setup the sound and wait for the event to commence.From the 250 to 300 attendees,90% were Indians,with a handful of pinoys around as well at least 95% were foreigners.The head of the department was a middle age chinese man who is definitely isn’t local.He is a from Hong Kong,the accent which he spoke in confirm my suspection.These are white collars jobs and it is sad to see not even one of our local guys are in this department.WTF?I knew all along foreign talent is a problem for years but I didn’t know the impact was so great to such extent.A graduate who just come out hot and fresh from varsity is  most likely to be paid S$2000 to S$2500 depending on what he major in.This pay scale is not inclusive of those in specialise degrees like Engineering,Medicine and Law.With this amount of money used to hire a freshie with totally no experience,employers now have a choice for a foreign talent who has perhaps multiple degrees and a few years of working experience under his belt and maybe a high flyer in his native country.You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why jobs are given to foreign talent instead of our home-grown talent.I am seriously thinking how can we ever complete for jobs with these high qualified foreign talent.I can understand why foreign workers are hired for jobs like cleaners,dish washers and construction workers,that is acceptable to me because our local guys don’t wanna do such its fine get the foreigners to do it.I support this and have no objections.However why give the white-collar jobs to foreigners as well,these are the jobs our guys wanna do and it’s simply not fair for employers to import foreign talent to fill such positions,I am sure our local boys have the skills,academic achievements and qualifications as well to take on such jobs.It is not easy for these foreign talents to come here and work as well,not only they are cheaper to hire,they must be the cream of the crop to be able to make it here.Now that will cause a lot of jobs lost to foreigners.Something needs to be done to rectify this situation,the government seriously need to review their foreign talent policy,if not it is a matter of time our home-grown boys will be driven to their graves.


SR  Nathan is nothing but a crony and a by product of the PAP,he will never ever exercise his right as a President for the interest and benefit of the citizens,why need to when he is paid as much Prime Minister,Lee Hsien Loong.An obsence pay package of around 4 million dollars.Ex foreign minister George Yeo said before the general elections that he will not run for presidency,however after a sound defeat and a kick in the ass by the worker’s party.He lost his seat in the parliament as well as his minister’s salary,that is a lot to lose.Now he says he wants to run for president,as well as PAP old guard and back bencher Tan Cheng Bock.It is all a conspiracy to propel someone from the PAP to become a president,although the position itself is largely ceremonial,the president still wields a great amount of power and can enquire on the government on national issues.Of course the PAP want their guy on top shut his mouth,take his pay and don’t bother with what the government is doing.Ex president and Deputy Prime Minister Ong Teng Chong is one of the best president Singapore has ever had,he enquire with the government with regards to the national reserves and was being denied by the goverment.In the end,after serving his term he fell ill with cancer and pass away.I have a lot of respect for President Ong for all he has done for us and what did the government do to him?No even a fucking state funeral for a man who serve his country for more than half of his life thanks to Lee Kuan Yew.I believe in the law of cause and effect,there will come one day Lee Kuan Yew will surely die in a horrible manner and his soul will be subjected to all sorts of torture and suffering for the next few billion years in the depths of  hell.It is not just one or two good man he broke,there are so many of them that I can’t even count.

Ex NCMP Sylvia Lim has left her full-time job to serve her residents full-time,I think that is right.As an elected MP,you have a pay package of around S$15,000 a month .I would consider this good money to live a comfortable life,therefore commitment to serve citizens is definitely the right way to go.There are many PAP MPs who are elected and still hold various positions of directorship in private sectors,so whose interest do they act upon on?Their jobs or the people who elected them?

People’s action party won 60.14% of the mandate,lowest since independence,I have written in length again and again that the PAP is losings its grip,it is about time citizens acknowledge that Singapore is bigger then the PAP.Despite poor showing they are still able to secure 81 seats out of 87 seats,this is due to the GRC system the PAP put in place to dilute opposition votes.Many people like me are fed up with the government for the high cost of living,high cost of of HBD flats,the ridiculous amount of salaries ministers pay themselves etc.Since 1988 since the introduction of the GRC system,the opposition parties are unable to capture a GRC due to the existence of a anchor minister in every GRC ward, a common man will find it difficult to vote for the opposition parties as they are unable to introduce a candidate of ”minister” calibre.This election the worker’s party had captured Aljunied GRC,this is a break through we have since 5 opposition MP to represent us in parliament to voice our concern.The PAP will not take us lightly,they have not lost to WP just 5 seats but also Minister of Foreign Affairs,George Yeo who is anchor minister for Aljunied GRC.George on his last night of the hustings acknowledge that the people have resentment and anger towards the government and he promises is elected they will be reformers in seeking the government to listen to the people.PAP has never taken this sort of stance before,they are all along arrogant but after this election.PM Lee Hsien Long,and DPM Wong Kan Seng said they have heard the people’s voices and concerns.They better be! If not in the next elections,they will lose more GRCs and more Ministers.Many people are sad as George is leaving,I feel so as well,as minister George is more of those decent guys in the PAP.Despite having said that,he has to go for standing in the path of WP,I am sure the new elected MPs will voice the concern of the people. Mr Chiam See Tong who in this election  lose his seat of 27 years said ”They are your servants,not your bosses.”I fully agree with him,elected MPs are supposed to serve the people not gods for us to worship,the PAP has forgotten about this.The single member seat of Potong Pasir has been returned to the PAP after 27 years,Mr Chiam fought hard against the PAP even when they introduce a 80 million upgrading carrot to wrestle back the ward from him in the last election 2006,the residents still gave him their support.Mr Chiam suffer not one but two strokes and is sick but that did not gave up,he head a team of 4 to contest in the nearby Toa Payoh– Bishan against DPM Wong Kan Seng which he lost with 43% of the votes at the same time not to manage to retain his Potong Pasir seat.It was a double blow for him,whatever it is he will forever remain as a hero in Singapore politics with the likes of  J.B. Jeyaretnam.I hope he take good are of his health and leaving the fight for democracy to the younger generation

General Elections 2011

7th May 2011 is the polling day,this is the 2nd time in my life I have to cast a vote to decide who will represent my district in parliament.There are many problems that I would like the ruling party People’s Action Party  to address and provide answers and solutions.They are mainly bread and butter issue.Democracy,human rights,freedom of speech and all that is secondary to me.In this GE,the opposition has put up a strong line up to give PAP the run for its money,judging from what I see and hear,it seems like the PAP is feeling the heat from the opposition parties.The opposition parties have a form an alliance since the last GE 2006 to avoid three corner fights in order to save resources so that they are able to contest in all wards.This is a good strategy,this will keep the PAP heavy weights busy in their own wards as the fire is right in front of their doors.Any walkovers is only an advantage to the PAP,it helps them save resources. Heavy weight ministers uncontested will then help to put out ”fires” in their colleague’s wards.The worker’s party and the Singapore People’s Party has taken offensive in this GE instead of defending on their own turf ,Low Thia Kiang and Chiam See Tong are coming out from their single seat home ground to lead a team to contest in a GRC. This is a bold move and the consequences from a loss is unimagineable.Hougang and Potong Pasir has remain as the opposition strongholds that have not lose for the past 20 odd years,this is the result of hard work.Opposition MPs are always approachable and friendly compared with their PAP counterparts who always have their nose in the air.PAP MPs have taken the support of the public for granted,I would seriously want to remind them that their role is to serve us,not the other way round.The infallable GRC system which the PAP created to dilute opposition votes is about to backfire on them,for PAP to lose a GRC means they lose a minister as well.They have been telling the voters that they will lose an important cabinet minister that is irreplaceable to get sympathy votes,even the crown prince has apologise to the public about an irresponsible remark with threatening intention made by the King.At the end of the day,it is the King that came out with this dumb idea of GRCs,now the worker’s party is right in front of your door,they are about to breach the defenses of a GRCs which is suppose to be infallable.The king and crown prince is well aware that any break through will make their life very difficult in parliament,in the opposition camp,they also know to have a voice in parliament,capturing a GRC is much needed.