Hi all,

Have not blog for quite a while due to busy and hectic lifestyle.Many layman friends and colleagues always ask me about amulets every now and then to get an opinion knowing that I am a collector.I thought I might as well try to produce an article based on my understanding.Basically it is like collecting stamps and coins just that we are dealing with images of Buddha,Monks,Devas,mythical animals or sometimes spirits.For a start,amulets have nothing to do with Buddhism,some schools or sect even condemn it as an attachment or superstiion.Such claims are mostly from the Mahayana schools and they do have their grounds.I can only say such the only link between an artefact and Buddhism,carrying an image of a buddha helps remind yourself his teachings and virtues.Nothing more.Amulets doesn’t come from the Theravada school,it is only an icon and a culture embraced by a buddhist country like Thailand.They are popular in Thailand,everyone wears one,three,five,seven,nine or as many as you want like these 2 guys in the image below as long as your are comfortable.



Personally,I have tried wearing 5 pcs and it is extremely uncomfortable,for a couple of years it was 3 pcs.As I grow up and mature from a baby collector.My understanding and knowledge grew along the way,I switch to 1 pc or max 2 pc.for some people they started wearing 1 pc get deeper into this hobby and added more and more like 3 to 5 kind of thing.It depends on individual perference.Right now,I wear 1 pc and swap depending on what I was doing and where I am going. Amulets come in all shapes and sizes made for different purposes.There is nothing like 1 size to fit all again it boils down to personal preferences,you need to wear them yourself and through personal experiences find your own drift on what’s suitable for you. Many a times,friends will ask me what they should wear and what is the best to enhance their life.Honestly,I have no answer to that and I am also searching for the same answer.Nevertheless I tried to stick to what they can afford to part with for an amulet.It can cost anything for S$1 to S$100,000.By knowing the range,I would make a few recommendations for their selection which includes the following information

1. Year it was made to identify the age

2.Temple and monk who consecrate the amulet

3.Experiences and feedback from other users and myself

4.Purpose it was made. It can be fund-raising for build/repair temples,schools,roads,hospital etc. Special occasions like a monk’s 80th Birthday,the king’s 60th Birthday. Some are for commemoration purposes,sometimes even to raise funds to provide humanitarian aid to disaster hit countries. The list just goes on and on.In general,they are usually made with good intentions just that certain intentions greatly exceed others. For example raising funds to provide humanitarian helps far exceeds a commemoration of a birthday celebration.

5.The estimated cost of it in current market.

The amulet industry and other industries that it is linked to is worth billions of Thai baht.It is so huge to the extent it is already an important element of the Thai economy.I have a fair bit of money pump into this hobby and if I urgently need cash for whatever emergency situation,I can cash them in with profits which at any day will beat putting the same amount of money in a fixed deposit account. Amulets like antiques will appreciate in value as times goes by and sometimes at a ridiculous rate.


This is a medal of Luang Phor Koon, a famous monk of the present era,it was made in Buddhist Era BE 2517.Now is BE 2556,so it is close to 40 years old. More than 5 years ago,I was offered this pc at a price of less than S$300.oo. Now dealers are retailing it at more than S$1000.oo. Now which bank in the world can give you this kind of interest? I do want to kill myself at times for missing out on the opportunity and this is only one of the classic cases which I experience myself. Back then, not many collectors expect LP Koon to be so popular to this extent.It is now too late to buy one to add to my arsenal of amulets as the price has gone through the roof. Of course,not everyone can part with S$1000.oo for an amulet and good amulets don’t have to be expensive.

The feature amulet below doesn’t cost a limb and can be considered one of the best consecrated amulet in Thai history.


This is the 25 Buddha Sattawas Leela,it is produced and funded by the Thai government to build a park to commemorate 2500 years of Buddhism. It was the greatest quantity ever produced and the biggest blessing ceremony in Thai history.As it is produce in huge masses.It is impossible to manipulate the demand and price for it.This pc will only set you back by S$150.00 the most.More information can be found herehttp://lekwatruak.tripod.com/25hist.html

My friends,I would like to stress I am certainly not a high-end collector,I do only have a modest and humble collection with a couple of my prized gems which won placings in major competitions in Thailand.If I go on and on,it will be impossible to stop,I can write about amulets for the whole of next month and I will still have sometime to write.Just wish to give everyone some information that just barely scratch the surface.If you have any questions,just drop me a message and I try to answer you with my limited knowledge.