I just received the certificate over the weekend,the SS600 comes with a 80 page manual,I totally screw it up big time the last test.Basically the whole test is very technical and operational in nature.Before I even seat for it,a classmate of mine @ IMBM already told me it is a piece of cake if you are in the trade,if you are a layman it will be tough.An 8 hour crash course with an examination paper at the end of the day doesn’t make things easier.This certificate is a must have if you wish to be in the marine fuel industry.There are practically three grades for this certification ”sucessful”,”completion” or ”attendance”.There is a acknowledgement form which I have to sent back to the Singapore Shipping Association upon receiving the certificate,so I guess I come out of the exam on the tops.It took me quite some time to prepare for this retest,80 pages of standard operating procedures is certainly no easy meat for an academic like me.During the 1st round,I already knew I am going to screw it up big time as I practically hand in a 50% blank paper.At the point of receiving I should be delighted because I am already at the gate of the industry,finally one dream near achievement.I felt no joy as if it didn’t matter any more.This hard fought victory should not be mine alone,she was behind me all the time giving me the encouragement I need.She also knew how hard this test was,how I fail the 1st time,how important this is to me and how disappointed I was after failing for the 1st time.At this stage,I ask myself if she will be happy if she knew I did good this time.Yes,I am sure she will still be glad after all she still wanted me to do well in all things.However our positions are now miles apart and We do not share common goals anymore,that alone made me felt that nothing else matters.