SR  Nathan is nothing but a crony and a by product of the PAP,he will never ever exercise his right as a President for the interest and benefit of the citizens,why need to when he is paid as much Prime Minister,Lee Hsien Loong.An obsence pay package of around 4 million dollars.Ex foreign minister George Yeo said before the general elections that he will not run for presidency,however after a sound defeat and a kick in the ass by the worker’s party.He lost his seat in the parliament as well as his minister’s salary,that is a lot to lose.Now he says he wants to run for president,as well as PAP old guard and back bencher Tan Cheng Bock.It is all a conspiracy to propel someone from the PAP to become a president,although the position itself is largely ceremonial,the president still wields a great amount of power and can enquire on the government on national issues.Of course the PAP want their guy on top shut his mouth,take his pay and don’t bother with what the government is doing.Ex president and Deputy Prime Minister Ong Teng Chong is one of the best president Singapore has ever had,he enquire with the government with regards to the national reserves and was being denied by the goverment.In the end,after serving his term he fell ill with cancer and pass away.I have a lot of respect for President Ong for all he has done for us and what did the government do to him?No even a fucking state funeral for a man who serve his country for more than half of his life thanks to Lee Kuan Yew.I believe in the law of cause and effect,there will come one day Lee Kuan Yew will surely die in a horrible manner and his soul will be subjected to all sorts of torture and suffering for the next few billion years in the depths of  hell.It is not just one or two good man he broke,there are so many of them that I can’t even count.