7th May 2011 is the polling day,this is the 2nd time in my life I have to cast a vote to decide who will represent my district in parliament.There are many problems that I would like the ruling party People’s Action Party  to address and provide answers and solutions.They are mainly bread and butter issue.Democracy,human rights,freedom of speech and all that is secondary to me.In this GE,the opposition has put up a strong line up to give PAP the run for its money,judging from what I see and hear,it seems like the PAP is feeling the heat from the opposition parties.The opposition parties have a form an alliance since the last GE 2006 to avoid three corner fights in order to save resources so that they are able to contest in all wards.This is a good strategy,this will keep the PAP heavy weights busy in their own wards as the fire is right in front of their doors.Any walkovers is only an advantage to the PAP,it helps them save resources. Heavy weight ministers uncontested will then help to put out ”fires” in their colleague’s wards.The worker’s party and the Singapore People’s Party has taken offensive in this GE instead of defending on their own turf ,Low Thia Kiang and Chiam See Tong are coming out from their single seat home ground to lead a team to contest in a GRC. This is a bold move and the consequences from a loss is unimagineable.Hougang and Potong Pasir has remain as the opposition strongholds that have not lose for the past 20 odd years,this is the result of hard work.Opposition MPs are always approachable and friendly compared with their PAP counterparts who always have their nose in the air.PAP MPs have taken the support of the public for granted,I would seriously want to remind them that their role is to serve us,not the other way round.The infallable GRC system which the PAP created to dilute opposition votes is about to backfire on them,for PAP to lose a GRC means they lose a minister as well.They have been telling the voters that they will lose an important cabinet minister that is irreplaceable to get sympathy votes,even the crown prince has apologise to the public about an irresponsible remark with threatening intention made by the King.At the end of the day,it is the King that came out with this dumb idea of GRCs,now the worker’s party is right in front of your door,they are about to breach the defenses of a GRCs which is suppose to be infallable.The king and crown prince is well aware that any break through will make their life very difficult in parliament,in the opposition camp,they also know to have a voice in parliament,capturing a GRC is much needed.