Its been a while since I wrote just can’t find some time for myself to sort out thoughts and issues I am currently facing.Completed my Diploma in Maritime Studies from IMBM in Dec 2010.We got all the transcripts some time in Feb 2011.The college is offering a shorter(6 months) but more intensive advance Diploma in Shpping and Logistics with shit loads of exemption,reasonable tuition fees and the best part of the whole deal a gurannte place in the prestige Australia Martime College.AMC is one of the forthmost  authorities in Maritime Traning.NTU and Maritime Academy is not even close to AMC’s standards. They even have a few training vessels on campus and the facilities are great.Tasminia,which AMC is located is also a beautiful place, the scenery over there is just WOW,I don’t know how to describe it. In recent months, I have  been very furasted and edgy as I could not land into a job which I want. I can say I have been fucked over and over again by my own friends, talk about friends….sign. They just care about their own interests. Look this is the whole story. Friend No 1 ”Jerk, no problem one, as long as you have this diploma, I can make a job arrangement for you. In the end after I slog like a dog  for a year to complete the course, he couldn’t deliver. Friend N0 .2 ”Jerk come meet me @ Tampines assp,got a job lobang for you.This particular ”friend” is purely taking advantage of me,I drove all the way down from Jurong to Tam pines in 45 mins and talk.Less than 10 sentences and he ask for me a $50 loan.WTF man! he already owes me ard $2000 already,I didn’t chase after him for this amount of money which I think I am being very kind and generous as much as I could and yet he got the cheek to ask me for another $50 more,damn fucking thick skin,don’t even how to spell embrass.Up till now I have hit the way 2 times already because of this job,another friend of mine give me a contact Zack Marine Services,the GM told me he is now over stremght and can’t employ .That makes hitting the wall 3 times.Most of my classmates are already in the marine industry, so they don’t mind get Cs and Ds.they just need the diploma to take one step ahead in their career.My leads are exhaust already,due to this failures to land a job,I beame a real grouch, I throw tantrums,get angry easily etc.I am glad that cynthia understand my situation and is putting up with my nonsense.Oh yes,I forgot I have 3 referral from friend but all of them went into a dead end,that makes 6 times hitting the wall.Met with with some classmates last night,apparently 2 are already under employment for a pretty big company,they are trying to get one of my classmates in as well.Then the next will be my turn in there is any opening,this is my life line and I really want this job.Day and night I have been praying for divine intervertion,I really hope this last door will allow me in